Residential Services

From Chemical-Only visits to Full-Service Maintenance and Emergency Repairs, we are here for you. Local and Family-Operated, we will work hard to earn your trust and keep your business. Learn More

Weekly Pool Service

The Swim Solutions Full Service Pool Maintenance Program provides everything a typical pool needs on a frequent ongoing basis at competitive prices and includes:

Skimming the surface
Cleaning baskets
Cleaning sweep bag

Brushing walls
Balancing Chemicals
Backwashing as needed
Checking equipment

Commerical Services

No pool is too large or small for our experts. We recognize the critical importance of pool maintenance and safety when dealing with public swimming pools. Whether you need a commercial pool cleaning service for your apartments/condo, fitness centers, country clubs or water parks; you can rest easy knowing Swim Solutions Pools is on the job. Learn More

Customized Ongoing Service

Swim Solutions Pools understands the importance of maintaining a clean and reliable pool for your residents and guests to enjoy. We will create a specialized recurring maintenance program that will help assure an attractive pool environment. Our general services include, but are not limited to:

Emptying Baskets

Waterline Tiles
Equipment Check
Water Fill-up
Water Quality Test

Backwashing as needed
Chemical Adjustments
Keeping written record of chemical
levels and chemicals added

Pool Equipment Repair

We are far from just a pool cleaning company. When your pool is in need of equipment repair, call Swim Solutions Pools. Our technicians are on call for you when emergencies strike. We can repair and replace pumps, motors, filters, heaters, above and below ground PVC leaks, control systems, salt systems and much more. If you are in need of pool repair, gives us a call! Learn More

Pool Upgrades

Swimming Pools can use an enormous amount of energy. There have been incredible break-throughs in energy-efficient pool technologies in recent years. Let us prepare a free estimate to show you how much money you can save by upgrading out-dated pool equipment. Learn More